Wood Sculpture

Hand Carved Wood Sculpture, Free Standing, Wall Mounted

Masterfully skilled in a variety of styles, Dimitrios produces a full range of hand carved wood sculpture, for settings ranging from the commercial, corporate and residential settings. Drawing from a vast reserve of skill and imagination, he can produce custom wood carvings from drawings or photographs that reflect the essence of a particular space.



Related Projects

Wall Sconce in Basswood

Carved from basswood, the flowers and foliage of this free form wall sconce demonstrate the unequalled skill of the master wood carver.

Mahogany Memorial Bas Relief

This finely detailed bas relief was commissioned as by a former student of Groton Academy as a memorial to a beloved music teacher, and placed over the entrance to the music building. The patron insisted on certain details, such as a faithful portrait of the teacher and an accurate depiction...

Art Deco Relief with Carved Figures

This pair of Art Deco female figures were carved in relief, out of basswood, and attached to heavy glass doors.

Mahogany Rose, with Ladybugs

Carved in mahogany, these flowering and budding roses look natural in wood. Note the undercuts behind the leaves, and the ladybug crawling on a leaf, lower left. The carving was produced for a good friend and student who loved roses. The flowers represent family members. The dimensions are about twelve...

Mahogany Cabinet Pediment

Dimitrios carved this pediment in the layered style of Grinling Gibbons for a nine foot bar cabinet in a new private home in Florida. The Gibbons style calls for pigeons and wildflowers, and the patron personalized it with fish and turtles with their heads and feet withdrawn. Flanking the pediment,...

White Oak Leaves and Acorns Relief

White oak leaves and acorns, carved out of basswood in relief. Note low undercuts in leaves.

Eight Mahogany Persian Busts

Eight individual mahogany pieces in two rows, as seen in the studio.