Student Testimonials


Classical wood carving is an exciting form of self-expression in which one can find satisfaction at any level. Dimitrios' wood carving school is a dedicated community of students gathered to study with the master carver and teacher. 


Hear what students have to say:


"As a teacher, Dimitrios is infinitely patient and gentle, inspiring his students with his simple yet profound philosophy that 'carving makes you happy'."


Francis S. Lestingi, PhD,
Williamsville, NY

"No matter what level one is at, everyone learns and is inspired."

Richard Vabulas


"A great atmosphere with people from all over and different walks of life. Dimitrios is a great teacher and makes it look so easy!!!"

Myrl Phelps Jr.


"To carve with Dimitrios is inspirational. His mastery of tools and the strokes required to get a certain effect is purely artistic efficiency."

Alan SW Reed
Nantucket, MA


"To work in your studio surrounded by your carvings to view and study was an inspiration. Your skill, patience, and understanding as a teacher who challenged me to reach higher levels of work had a profound influence on all of my carvings."

David W. Reilly
Lemont, IL


"When you walk into Dimitrios' show room it's just amazing, his work is fantastic! I want to carve like that some day. I am young just as he was when he first began, I believe with lots of time, practice and Dimitrios' teaching, I will."

Samantha Thompson
Joplin, Missouri



"I loved your class Dimitrios. It was fun and inspirational. I'm glad to be carving again and look forward to attending your Wednesday night classes!"



"He does not hesitate to impart his knowledge, time and talent to his students. It is no wonder that carvers travel thousands of miles in order to seek his help which he is so willing to give. It is absolutely true when he says 'His time is your time.'"

Charles H. Norchi, M.D.


"Studying woodcarving with Dimitrios Klitsas is a rare chance not only to work with an artist operating at the highest level in his field, but also to connect with a tradition that encompasses styles from ancient times to the present."

Timothy Brennan
New Paltz, NY


"Beginner and expert alike find these wood carving classes rich and rewarding, limited only by the student's own efforts and willingness to learn. Even sketching and drawing skills will improve. There does not seem to be a better method for acquiring good carving skills than by using old fashioned apprenticeship procedures."

Arthur K. Peters
Gainesville, FL


"For anyone interested in learning the art and discipline of fine wood carving, Dimitrios is both an excellent teacher and creative artist. He is a thoughtful, encouraging instructor focused on developing the potential in each of his students."

Rosanna Coyne
Hampden, MA