Working with the Master

Custom Wood Sculpture and Carved Wood Architectural Ornament by the Master Wood Carver



      For years, master wood carver Dimitrios has collaborated with noted architects, designers and private clients to create original hand carved designs in wood for site-specific hand carved wood furniture and architectural installations.  He welcomes the opportunity to meet your specific needs or budget constraints while creating unique, gracefully powerful wood sculpture ranging from small carved accent pieces to monumental outdoor sculptures.

      Masterfully skilled in a wide variety of styles, Dimitrios produces a full range of custom wood carving, from ornamental elements for commercial, corporate and residential settings, to carvings for the restoration of historic buildings.  Drawing from a vast reserve of skill, imagination and the classical tradition, he can produce sculpted designs from architectural drawings or photographs that reflect the essence of a particular space.

     Dimitrios Klitsas and his art are heir to a classical lineage of many styles which draws upon a long established wood carving tradition.  Dimitrios was brought into this tradition in his youth, in his home town on the Greek mainland where he attended a technical school where professional woodcarving was taught. The teacher happened to be an accomplished artist and university professor, Angelo Moskos, with whom he apprenticed after leaving school.  Besides basic wood carving technique, he was taught drawing, the elements of design and the traditions of producing art, all of which he keeps alive and passes on to his own woodcarving students.