Fireplace Mantels

Custom hand carved wood fireplace mantels, fireplace surrounds and ornamental friezes.

Commission a hand carved fireplace mantel from the master wood carver Dimitrios Klitsas. Dimitrios will consult with you on your vision for the piece, its setting and your individual taste. Skilled in the full range of styles, from the classical to the modern to the traditional, Dimitrios produces works that delight and which endure.

Related Projects

Art Deco Fireplace Surround

New York
New York, USA

Produced from a sketch by New York architect Bill Green, this Art Deco fireplace surround was produced out of three sections of maple. Dimitrios took delivery of three sections, all two inches thick, from a New York woodworker. Total area of the fireplace surround was twelve feet by five...

Louis Sixteenth Fireplace Mantel

This complex walnut mantel and overmantel were to provide the focus for this heavily ornamented panelled library. The detailing is distinctive but in conformity to the Louis IVI style of the room. The room was designed by well respected Chicago classicist architects Hamm Rockavitch, who furnished full size drawings for...

White Oak Shell Medallions

These white oak shell ornaments were carved by Dimitrios and attached to the mantel face by the millwork fabricator for installation in a Long Island, New York residence.

English Brown Oak Fireplace Surrounds

A client visited a large room in England, featuring two identical fireplaces along a single wall, and wanted to duplicate the work in their Virginia home. The client asked Dimitrios to reproduce the fireplace surrounds from a photograph. Dimitrios reproduced the design, to scale, featuring a swag of dogwood, peonies...

White Oak Fireplace Mantel

The design for this white oak fireplace mantel is Dimitrios’ creation. It references the Baroque, but is light and delicate where that style tends to the ponderous. The flower is the bellflower, a traditional motif. The mantle is actually a one inch thick oak panel, supported by two pilasters, each...

Equestrian Mantlepiece

Massachusetts, USA

This residential mantelpiece highlights the client's love of horses. Dimitrios designed and carved the piece out of solid mahogany.