Carved Wood Furniture

Custom designed and meticulously hand-carved wood architectural elements and fine home furnishings for interior or exterior applications.

Every custom carved wood furniture piece from Dimitrios Klitsas is an expression of the style and taste of the client. Dimitrios will consult with you on your vision for the piece and your individual taste. Skilled in the full range of styles, from the classical to the modern to the traditional, Dimitrios produces works that delight and which endure.

Related Projects

Mahogany Carved Lion Head Table Legs

Carved out of mahogany, the richly carved table legs depict a rather comic lion’s head and terminates with a lion’s claw foot. A New York architect was commissioned to produce three massive (5’ x 11’) tables supported by the suitably massive lion’s head feet. The tables were fabricated by furniture...

French Baroque Table

This French Baroque table was carved in basswood.  It took 20 months to carve.  Dimitrios designed and built the table himself in order to ensure that the joinery best supported the carvings that were required. 

Art Nouveau Vanity

This vanity is the companion to the Art Nouveau Mirror. The vanity was created in a style to match the mirror, itself based upon and referencing a 1902 example seen in a New York gallery. More details on both can be seen at the link. Carved from pearwood.

Art Nouveau Mirror

A sophisticated patron from Wisconsin wanted to produce an art nouveau mirror based on an original 1902 piece that this individual had seen in a gallery in New York City. This person had a strong interest and a good understanding of the Art Nouveau style, having travelled extensively in Europe...

Cabinet with Gilded Relief Panels

This oak cabinet was built by Dimitrios in an Ionic style (note pediment) and can be seen in his studio. He is an accomplished furniture maker and cabinetmaker as well as a master wood carver. It was designed to hold a part of his studio library, the books he consults...

Carved Oak Table

This carved oak table can be seen in Dimitrios’ studio.