Art Nouveau Mirror

A sophisticated patron from Wisconsin wanted to produce an art nouveau mirror based on an original 1902 piece that this individual had seen in a gallery in New York City. This person had a strong interest and a good understanding of the Art Nouveau style, having travelled extensively in Europe for just this purpose. He wanted to produce something in the style and dimensions of the mirror, but to his own vision. He was willing to be intensively involved in the creative process and visited several times from Wisconsin in order to meet with Dimitrios and to monitor the development of the mirror and a matching cabinet vanity. Dimitrios produced several clay models to demonstrate alternate designs of various details. The mirror itself was produced by a furniture maker in Wisconsin. An upper panel was decorated by marquetry produced by Silas Kopf, of Northampton, Massachusetts. Johnson Furniture Restoration of Avon, New York produced the finishes. The patron declared himself more pleased by the result than by the original.

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