Antique Pianos

Custom hand carved piano restoration and reproduction projects by master wood carver Dimitrios Klitsas.

Related Projects

1882 Steinway Piano Restoration

This lavishly decorated 1882 Steinway piano was in nearly original condition but with damage to the delicate carvings in purpleheart wood. These carvings had been damaged by careless handling and unskillful repairs. The piano had been designed by Gilded Age artist George A. Schastey. The owner wanted it to...

1902 Steinway Piano Reproduction

New York City
New York

Dimitrios collaborated with Steinway & Sons for over a year to recreate the 1902 Doheny Steinway Piano. The most famous piano manufacturer in the world is Steinway and Sons, so when the private client was deciding on commissioning a very special piano for their 400 foot...